About Our Unconventional Videos

By Brad Helm, the creator of Got Stump Inc.

We could have created videos showing our super-cool equipment. We could have shown you the process of our awesome tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding. We could have tried to convince you that we have the coolest and most skilled employees.

But we’re sure you’ve seen it all before. Instead, we thought you should see what you need to see: the truth about the tree services industry.

Got Stump Inc. isn’t into competition nor do we follow the status quo. Our focus is on changing the tree services industry for the better.  This company is about you.

Every day we think long and hard about how to give you something better. We’ve got some pretty amazing projects up our sleeve that we are excited to share. Some will be awesome and others might fail.

But we have grit. We won’t stop. And if we mess up, we’ll admit it and make it better.

We hope you’ll join our little tribe, to stand with us as a “David amongst the Goliaths”. We have our sling and we have our stones.

So, watch the following videos to see what all the noise is about.And if you decide you want us, we’ll be here and we’ll have your back.

It’s time to make tree services better.

The Unconventional Videos

A Tree Services Guide

I’m Just a Black Belt Stump Grinder


A Certified Arborist Isn’t What You Think


You Can’t Top Trees


Tree are Not Shrubs (You Cannot Shape Them)


House Insurance Does NOT Cover Emergency Tree Service


You’re Going to Get Gouged


Quoting Trees is a Guessing Game


The Cheapest Tree Companies


Removing Your Own Tree


Trees Need Love in the Second Year They’re Installed


Different Types of Trees are Best Trimmed in Specific Season


The Most Elegant Solution - Outro