Established in 2017, the Tree Assurance Program (more commonly known as TAP) is widely hailed and recognized as the premiere Edmonton arborist and tree service organization.  Fully licensed and vastly knowledgeable, Got Stump Inc. (est. 2004) is a tree-care company offering a wide range of tree services, from tree removal, trimming, and pruning to stump grinding or removal.  Got Stump Inc. proudly serves the greater Edmonton region, offering consultations and solutions for any tree care problems that might arise, and guarantee the work will be done quickly, professionally, and meticulously.

Got Stump Inc. employs only qualified tree service technicians and certified arborists trained to provide tree services that deliver health and beauty to your property.  All employees are specifically knowledgeable about tree life around Edmonton, creating a unique hyper-local service that will maximize the beauty, health, and longevity of the trees in your life. However, when the time comes to remove burdensome, unhealthy, or unsightly trees and shrubs, Got Stump Inc. has fully licensed, insured, and certified professionals to perform stump removal or grinding.

Got Stump Inc. serves both residential and commercial clients, providing outstanding and affordable tree services by some of Edmonton’s best arborists.  Committed to creating a beautiful world through cultivating and caring for beautiful trees, Got Stump Inc. is the caring, knowledgeable, and professional tree service program to choose for all your tree care needs.