All trees need care.


Trees need continual care from only 2 years after planting!  Here’s a short list of what needs to be done:

  • Removal of dead and disease
  • Thinning, to make desired limbs stronger
  • Trimming branches away from other trees and structures
  • Balancing & Beautification

If trees are left ignored, trees become:

  • Overgrown and ugly – not realizing their amazing beauty potential.
  • Diseased, losing branches or worse – completely falling over in wind storms!
  • Damaging to structures.  Fences, siding, eavestroughs, shingles, etc. can all be damaged from contact with trees.

The Tree Assurance Program will take care of your trees, so they stay as strong, healthy, and beautiful as can be.

We know you’re busy.



It can be depressing to come home after a hard day’s work and know your property could look a whole lot better. Then, you have to spend a stressful night wondering if your tree is going to come down in a storm. Trees can take out fences, cars, or worse – they can hurt someone.

We believe tree services should be easy. It shouldn’t take time away from your work and tree emergencies shouldn’t interrupt your life.

And cost? It should be predictable. We get it. You are on a budget and our Alberta economy goes up and down like our oil prices.

The Tree Assurance Program does not require for you to be at home. Not for the quotation. Not for the work. Billing is automatic and simple.

Tree Emergency? Be afraid – of your insurance company.

Here’s a secret most don’t know. The cleanup of a fallen tree is not covered by your home insurance. If you have a big tree on your property, you are at risk for exceptional cleanup costs should a storm hit. Global warming or not, Alberta has BIG storms.

Insurance companies only cover the costs of property damage – and most people expect this. But the remaining costs? Emergency tree services can run well over $3000.

Say goodbye to your summer vacation plans.

The Tree Assurance Program includes emergency pricing.  You will know exactly how much you will pay for cleanup services in the event your tree branches break off, or if the tree is completely lost in a storm.

We’re there for you.


With over 15 years of experience, grinding out stumps, trimming trees, and removing the biggest and baddest trees around – we’ve seen the needs of property owners.

  • We want tree care to be easily affordable.
  • We want to keep your trees in the best condition possible, to be as beautiful as possible.
  • We want to keep you safe from emergency tree care costs.
  • We want to be so easy to use, your busy schedule will never be affected.

The Tree Assurance Program is everything you need tree services to be.

You deserve the best of the best.

We didn’t just hire book-smart arborists, we hired 9th degree blackbelt climbing arborists. No Kijiji-special, rusted-out, bucket truck showing up. We have a specialized lift that we can easily sneak through your gate, and it rises up 75 feet. It’s the only one in Alberta. There is no tree that leaves us stumped (yes, bad pun intended).

Want to plant a new tree where the stump is? We can grind down 2 feet to leave a hole deep enough to plant a calliper-sized tree so you don’t have to start small.

And finally, there is tree trimming. We don’t cheap out and trim all your trees at once. We come in the right season according to the species of tree you have. You’re trees won’t just feel the love, they will glow with it.

The Tree Assurance Program always places the best equipment, the best people, and the best experience on your property.

We are invisible.

To make the service even more awesome, you’ll never have to coordinate with us, or even see us. You don’t need to be at home for the quotation. You don’t need to be at home for us to perform the work – all our staff treat your property as their own.

It’s a “set it and forget it” service. It’s more time for you to enjoy your life and your new beautiful yard.

The Tree Assurance Program is designed to make your life with trees services as easy as possible.  You won’t find an easier tree service.

Getting a Free Tree Assessment & Quotation

It’s simple.

1. TAP our free quote button.

Fill out our TAP request form.

It’s a simple 30-second process.


2. We visit your property.

No need to be home.

We send someone out to assess your trees, free of charge. The assessment and quotation will be in your mailbox, emailed, or both – whatever works for you. But if you have questions, we’d love to answer them.

3. Join the TAP program.


You are now in our Tree Assurance Program. Your credit card will be charged the quoted price on a monthly basis.

You can go about your day, work, holiday, etc. We’ve got your trees covered!

Tree Assurance Program (TAP) Form

To get your free assessment, simply fill out the following fields. We will do the rest.

Please leave the quotation in the mailbox

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Your information is always kept private, never sold, shared. We respect your email inbox traffic.

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  • Great looking property. Homeowners don’t know just how amazing trimmed trees look, and that’s ok! (We don’t judge.) Great trees show off your property— to you and your whole community!
  • Protect your finances. In addition to a monthly fee helping you budget better, weather is incredibly unpredictable. Storm damage to trees can cost thousands of dollars and home insurance does not cover the cost of getting rid of the tree. We remove any fallen tree for an incredibly low price.
  • Healthy trees. Correctly trimming trees saves you money in the long run. When trees are uncared for, it results in large costs of heavy trimming and removal down the road.
Many people think only large trees should be trimmed. This is actually not true. Trees should be trimmed two years after planting! This sets them up for a beautiful future (and small cuts are much less stressful to the tree than large cuts)!
Definitely not! That’s not how we roll. And we can’t stand it when another company does such shifty things with us!
We don’t trim small shrubs, as this is a gardening task. Hedges and lilac bushes? Absolutely! Also, we cannot (legally) trim your neighbour’s trees out of your yard. Yes, they are in the airspace above your property, but the trees themselves still belong to your neighbour.
That’s the really amazing thing about the TAP program! We trim the trees according to when it is best to trim them. So, work will be ongoing, and we will return to your property at different times of the year to give your trees the best care they need.

Check out our Tree Trimming Schedule
No. We wanted to create a program that is super-simple to use. We know you’re busy and believe should be out enjoying life, not coordinating tree work.
Contrary to popular belief, trees cannot be shaped in certain ways. Having a customer direct our pruning can permanently harm the tree. The tree species and where they are planted tell us how the trimming is to be done. Here’s what we always do (super logical!) :
  1. Remove dead and disease. Makes sense, no?
  2. Trim away from other trees. Trees are a bit anti-social in the touching department.
  3. Trim away from structures. You don’t need to be replacing fences and eavestroughs!
  4. Thin to strengthen. All nutrients and water are available to remaining limbs, which makes them stronger!
  5. Balance and beautify. Here we do the final touches to make the tree look even and beautiful (who likes lopsided??).
Did Elvis love peanut butter and bacon sandwiches? YES. We carry $2 million liability insurance and WCB coverage. In addition, we have taken safety one step further with an employee drug testing policy.

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